Why Palette Arts?

As an artist or photographer, what are you looking for in a printer? Certainly you want someone who understands and has extensive experience in all the technical facets of fine art printing. But that’s a given. As an artist or photographer, you also want trustworthy person who you can,

•  Trust to handle your highly valued originals with care and dignity.

•  Trust to be given full personal attention during appointments.

•  Trust to listen to your questions and concerns.

•  Trust to clearly communicate in terms you understand.

•  Trust to be honest and fair in all of your transactions.

You want a personable expert who you can know and feel comfortable with. Someone you can truly trust. That’s why you can choose Palette Arts with confidence! We continue to personally work with over 1000 artists and photographers and have scanned over 10,000 pieces of original artwork. We have printed more prints than we can count. Don’t take our word on how much our clients appreciate this expertise and personable approach. Take a look at our testimonials. Ninety-five percent of all of our clients are referrals. Give us a call or send us an email. We do our very best to respond to every message within 48 hours, giving complete devotion to the artist or photographer.  Local Artists and photographers set up an appointment with us today to meet us face to face to talk about your reproduction/printing needs. You’ll see, as so many do, that you can feel confident in Palette Arts.